Why Romania is still lacking. #Colectiv. Corruption kills

Silence speaks when words can’t. 39 dead. 130 seriously injured. 80 hanging from a thread of life. A nation floored by grief, anger and disbelief. A tragedy that could have been avoided. Twenty-six years after the fall of communism, Romania is still playing a dangerous game. And this game, by its name Corruption, is fatal. It's been 13 days since a fire that started at Colectiv Club, in center Bucharest, during a free concert by heavy metal … [Read more...]

A love letter to Cuba

As a sassy five year old, I remember my determination in putting red beads together, one-by-one, on a long, thin thread, for a very well thought out gift for my mother. It had been a few months since she had been away on an extended trip abroad and I missed her terribly. At the time, I was upset she hadn’t taken me with her. In reality, she was traveling to the United States for the first time, to visit her sister, which she hadn’t seen in … [Read more...]

88 and counting. Interview with Cezar, from Imperator Travel

Over time, I have met several travel bloggers and media personalities, passionate about a life of travel. Cezar is one of them, and after meeting him over drinks this summer in the Old City of Bucharest, I knew I had to share more of his amazing travels. This is the first of a new interview series I am starting, and I am honored to have Cezar premiere it! I had first heard about Cezar Dumitru, the phenomenon behind Imperator Travel, from my … [Read more...]

A chilling haunted Halloween: Dracula, between myth and reality

I cannot remember how many times I was humorously mistaken for a vampire, as the daughter of a Transylvanian-born mother; growing up, I was told of the priceless value of a mostly unspoiled rural Romania and its folkloric treasures, but as an expat living in New York for the last several years, I came to increasingly appreciate its scenic landscapes, its medieval flair and its traditional rich ethnic customs. Thus, what better time to visit … [Read more...]

My Hometown in 500 words: Bucharest, Romania

A few weeks ago, I registered for the Matador U travel writing program, for travel writers, travel photographers, and filmmakers. It is part of Matador Network, the world’s most-read independent travel publication, and recipient of two Lowell Thomas awards for excellence in travel journalism. So far, I am loving it. The active forums, writing labs, proactive feedback, market blog and pro modules are all fantastic venues to help any travel … [Read more...]