Capturing solo travel memories with Flytographer

I’ve had my eye on Porto and its lyrical architectural sights for some time now, which for me always translates into an acute desire to leave with photographic memories. And Porto was a city I knew I wanted to immortalize with more than quick Instagram snaps of pretty buildings; I wanted to immortalize myself experiencing it. There is poetry to be discovered in every nook and cranny of Portugal’s second largest city and turning to Flytographer … [Read more...]

The RueBaRue App: Smart city-planning done right

If there is one thing that makes me cringe most is travel planning. Don’t get me wrong; I love to travel to new destinations and discover sights I’ve long had my eye on. But from where do I go to how do I go, there is always a bridge to gap. While an enriching experience whatever the mishaps, travel is often unexpected. Traveling from point A to point B always takes longer than you think, and that incredible coffee shop you’ve crossed half of … [Read more...]

Gogobot reloaded: my personalized guide to the world

I’m always eager to discover new places, and I love to share them with my friends. I’m not just any type of traveler; I’m picky and I want it now. The same old bar down the block just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m always on the go and so I need fresh new ideas for where to go, wherever I may be. Luckily so, I don’t have to use four different apps anymore. The fully re-designed Gogobot app has 23 new features to satisfy even a particular traveler … [Read more...]

Sharing my experiences on

As part of being featured in Skype's video "All-Skype All-Star" challenge, I was asked to share how I use Skype to not only stay in touch with friends and family, but to also share my experiences around the world. After you've witnessed a day in my life, on-the-go, as a busy travel writer based in New York City, here I am sharing in written form what Skype has meant for me, all these years away from home. For the full blog post, click on … [Read more...]

#Skypestar: Featured in Skype’s All-Skype All-Stars

Skype has been part of my life ever since I moved to New York City eight years ago. What began as a way to stay in touch with friends and family back home in Romania, evolved in a weekly and often times a daily ritual to stay connected with people around the world, whether home in NYC or on the road. I have shared some of my most treasured experiences via Skype video with my loved ones, as have they. I have shared my travels in real time, and … [Read more...]