Summer in Sydney: Top 9 Things to Do

Sculpture by the Sea

While on my extensive travels this fall, I somehow landed unexpectedly Down Under. I liked the Australian "winter" so much, that I lingered on. How could I not? Read on my summer in Sydney guide on the top 9 things to do while it's warm.  The end of another year… a time of reflections and conclusions, endings and resolutions. But the end of the year in Sydney is all about beginnings. As all eyes around the globe anxiously await the world’s … [Read more...]

Why an Ayurveda massage might not be your thing

Ayurveda massage Sigiriya

“Take off your clothes!” She says for the second time, right in front of me, staring. Wait ... Here!? “Can't I change in the bathroom?” I motion towards the diagonal corner. “Take off your clothes,” she insists, and she is certainly not kidding this time. I skeptically take all my clothes off, while Claire does the same, only two feet away. I reach out for the meek sheet supposed to be covering me, while my masseuse pulls me a chair. She … [Read more...]

The choice is yours. A new journey awaits …


I owe you some updates, dear friends! I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth; instead I’ve been unexpectedly busy, planning some thrilling next few months. While I can’t reveal everything just yet, here’s a preview of what kept me hush, hush for the last few weeks, as you can read in my July newsletter. I’m pressing pause on my current life in New York City, to pursue some incredible travel & work opportunities. Often times, a decision … [Read more...]

#AirFranceExpo: France is in the air

Air France Expo interactive experience

This week was all about Air France, France and being French. I’m not big on aviation news, but when it comes to great service up in the air, with a touch of vintage, I’ll be there! And so I put on my finest French outfit to honor the invite I had received for the Air France Expo press day on June 25th, for its first day exhibiting at Center 248 in Chelsea. First class? Check! French wine? Check! Your very own French chef? Check. As expected … [Read more...]

A roaring Jazz Age Lawn Party! And on meeting Gatsby

Safari at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Saturday got off to a wrong start. I woke up with no voice, feeling weary and cranky. It was the beginning of a splendid day, yet I wasn’t feeling it. After an hour or so, I pulled myself out of bed and started getting ready, or so I tried. Why is the dress still wrinkled?! Why won’t my hair curl?! Where are my stockings?! I eventually got myself out the door at a very late 1:30pm. The Jazz Age Lawn Party had started since 11 am, yet I … [Read more...]