A Portuguese welcome with Oporto City Flats

One never knows what to expect when landing in a new country, especially when your trip starts long before sunrise (hello, fatigue), but judging from the initial planning stages, the bar had been set high. It was my first time in Porto and I needed central accommodation to easily make my way around throughout my 4-day stay. The rain forecasted also meant a cozy atmosphere would win extra points in making my decision. I was referred to Oporto City … [Read more...]

Street art at its best: murals of Williamsburg

Forget about the factories turned lofts, the whimsical coffee shops and the stylish boutiques; in Williamsburg, street art is what all the rave is about. Those who know me well are aware that graffiti and industrial design are not my style; cool artwork, however, is. And after having lived for over two years in the hip, trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, industrial has grown fond on me.  More specifically, its countless murals of artwork … [Read more...]

Architecturally Chicago: the city of neighborhoods

They say the weather changes in Chicago every two hours. I found it to be true a few weeks ago when I spent a few days there. The Windy City certainly lives up to its name, with sunshine and cloudy skies constantly negotiating, which should dance with the winds coming off Lake Michigan. What doesn’t change however, is people’s attitude. The few days I spent there, I felt as if I was either continuously made fun of – my first thought coming from a … [Read more...]

The Tenement Museum, immigration and my grandmother

I’m not exactly sure why it took me so many years to finally visit the Tenement Museum, but after hearing about it on the Ahoy New York Food Tours I recently went on, I made it a goal to visit as soon as possible. Given I love history and culture through design and architecture, I was drawn to see how Jewish immigrants fresh off the boat from Eastern Europe lived back in the 1800s and early 1900s in the Lower East Side, as portrayed in Jacob … [Read more...]

Hotel Felix: Chicago’s first eco boutique hotel

The minute I knew I was attending the BlogHer conference in Chicago, I knew I wanted to take a few extra days to explore the Windy City and learn more about its celebrated architectural styles. Which is why I wanted to stay at a boutique hotel with unique décor, my number one delight of any trip I take. When Choose Chicago recommended Hotel Felix for my stay, I knew that’s where I would be staying. Priding itself on its commitment to eco … [Read more...]